eBook: A series of 40+ 3D CAD Practice Exercises

Exercises designed to help you gauge your improvement while learning any CAD software. Download now and start CADing right away!


What Will You Get From This eBook?

Carefully crafted 41 3D-exercises and over 81 2D-exercises with dimensions. These exercises can be used to learn any CAD Software such as AutoCAD, thinkerCAD and more...

After completing the exercises you can move to any specialty with the accumulated knowledge

No matter the reason you are learning CAD, you will need these exercises. Mastering them gives you the ability to specialize in any field, be it mechanical, mechanical, civil or others.

Each Exercise is unique, and each 3D exercises has more than 2 2D exercises

Each exercise is unique and could be performed partly according to your taste. You have plenty of subject matter to challenge yourself with.

Both 3D and 2D figures. Start where you feel more comfortable

The eBook can be used in 3 ways. Each exercise can both serve to learn 2D, 3D, or both. It is up to you to decide what to focus on.

Learn to analyse and interprate of CAD drawing

All necessary information is given to help focus on reproducing the images using CAD. Analysis and interpretation in part of the exercises.

Cross platform. Compatible with any CAD software

The images are created using both AutoCAD and ThinkerCAD. The exercises will be essential to learn the basics of CAD regardless of the CAD software used.

Save time save money. These are awesomely crafted challenges to have you focus on learning

The completion of the eBook will give more confidence to more forward your CAD skill. You have all challenges in one place and a gauge to know when you are ready to move forward.


Who This Book Is For

eBook featuring 3D exercises


Here's what our customers said

I have Been looking for exercises for my students and this eBook is exactly what I have been looking for. I was also given permission to customize the exercises by tutorial45. Thank you.

Beram Sunil
CAD instructors

IExcellent eBook! What I liked the most about this eBook was that the challenges were beautifully complex and all details are provided neatly.

Christopher J.

I was looking for a resource to help me learn AutoCAD because I wanted to add it to my curriculum vitae. I liked the book and highly recommend it.

Saidah Ikbal